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Skyline can be sub-contracted to deliver your outsourced Design or Construction projects. Our subcontracting model is different to the traditional approach.

Specialist Partners

Our model allows us to use specialists that we have partnered up with to help deliver packages of work.

The benefits to this are that the delivery of these packages are the responsibility of our specialist partner businesses. They use their workforce, their insurance, and their liability.  Timeframes are agreed with you at contract stage. This enables you to mitigate certain project risks without the necessity of overseeing day-to-day package operations, while also granting smaller businesses the confidence to undertake larger projects, secure in the knowledge that they won’t be required to oversee every individual aspect of delivery.

There’s no obligation to accept a quote that we give you, and there’s no invoice to you from Skyline.  Skyline agrees terms and payment with our partner businesses, so the only contract and invoices you will see will come from our partner businesses.

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